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Different Types Of Diesel Truck Engines And Their History

When you see those giant trucks hauling huge loads up the hill, it might seem like a job of a standard engine, but what we mostly misunderstand is the immense power that a diesel engine generates to make this process work and get the work done. These diesel engines are the power source behind some […]

Interview of STP Diesel founder Benito Diaz featured in Voyage Houston

In an attempt to find another hidden gem of Houston, the Voyage Houston online magazine featured an interview with Benito Diaz. STP Diesel is known for their experience with diesels trucks, specially Ford Diesels. STP Diesel in also to add performance, modifications to the engines to add horsepower and torque, not only to diesel engines, […]

Tune Diesel Trucks for Better Performance

In every diesel vehicle, there is a scope for improvised performance. It is imperative that owners always ensure regular performance monitoring. Enhancing the performance of diesel vehicles offers a robust challenge to owners; finding the right diesel technicians for improving the power of the diesel engine and selecting a good diesel performance shop in the […]