Diesel Truck Repair In Baytown, Texas

Baytown is home to some of the hardest working people in the Houston area. Baytown residents need their diesel trucks to work day in day out, just like them. No exceptions. With many of Baytown residents working in a plant environment, reliability and durability is key. These jobs and occupations are often dangerous and require a high level of skill and commitment. Many of our customers here at STP diesel work in a skilled trade environment where there’s no room for excuses. You deserve to expect the same thing out of your truck and your diesel mechanics that your job expects out of you. The entire country relies on cities like Baytown to provide them with the fuel and materials they need everyday. Without the amazing citizens and companies in Baytown and cities like it, this country would be crippled. Baytown accounts for millions in exports of goods and products from the Houston area. This amazing city props up the entire economy of the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

If you work in the oil or chemical industry in Baytown, or a resident of Baytown, or just visiting, STP diesel is your destination for a quality diesel repair and maintenance service. We are a 5-Star diesel performance shop and offer a full spectrum of services when it comes to modifying, tuning, or repairing your truck. Baytown residents trust us to take care of their truck like it was our own rig, and we do that day in and day out.

Trust us to take care of your truck like it was our own rig, and we do that day in and day out.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Diesel Service Shops In Baytown

Owned & Operated By a Diesel Expert And a Ford Certified Technician

Our owner Benito Diaz takes every single customer and truck seriously. At STP Diesel we treat your truck like its our own. We understand how much you need your truck, and how important the satisfaction of our customers is. Our perfect ratings and hundreds of satisfied customers on our Facebook, Yelp, and Google Pages are just a side effect of the reason we chose to get into business, to provide an exceptional and much needed diesel service to the people of Baytown.

The Most Up-To-Date Diagnostic & Repair Methods & Tools

Whether you just want to get your diesel truck repaired, or need maintenance parts for your Ford/powerstroke, Chevrolet/Duramax and Dodge/Cummins, we have it all. We are constantly learning and improving all aspects of our business, and you can rest assured that if there’s something that can’t be fixed or diagnosed by someone else, chances are we can get it done.