Duramax Diesel Repair in Houston, TX

Your Local Diesel Engine Experts

The Duramax diesel engine by GM is nothing short of a spectacularly compelling, reliable power plant for its line of pickup trucks.

Our Houston motorists depend on their diesel trucks and the Duramax diesel engine in their Chevy or GMC pickup. Our diesel mechanics keep them operating at peak performance by ensuring we have their maintenance done on time.

Our crew of certified diesel mechanics at STP Diesel has diagnostic equipment as good as or better than the dealerships. Our team is cross-trained operating on Chevrolet and GMC HD Duramax diesel engines.

duramax diesel repair

The Duramax diesel engine has been consistently upgraded over the last few decades and is nearly bulletproof. GM’s diesel engine is nothing short of a spectacularly compelling, reliable power plant for its line of pickup trucks.

Since its inception, Duramax has remained an innovative and valued brand, with over 1.5 million engines manufactured in the United States and some of the most robust engines in the industry.

Taking your Duramax to our repair shop means that your truck will not only be fixed and appropriately maintained but also handled with the respect it deserves. Our experienced mechanics make customer satisfaction a #1 priority and are committed to honest and reliable service.

Duramax Diesel Repair in HoustonRunning a business during these difficult times is challenging. We understand—as an independent truck shop, we do it ourselves. Whether you’re a one-person operation or sustaining an entire fleet of Chevy Duramax, maintaining your truck shouldn’t add to your load. If you operate near Houston and the surrounding area, let us take responsibility for your maintenance and repairs.

STP Diesel is committed to offering the most exceptional quality diesel service for Chevy Duramax trucks in Houston and the surrounding area. We strive to reduce your Chevy Duramax truck operating costs through routine, consistent maintenance, and when you need repairs, we aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our elite crew of diesel mechanics has years of combined knowledge operating on Chevy Duramax trucks, so you can be assured your truck is in good hands.

Our truck shop is equipped to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on virtually all Chevy Duramax truck models. You can schedule service and repairs in advance, or we’ll work around your operating schedule to make sure your Chevy Duramax truck is on the road when it needs to be. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to handle all repairs efficiently and correctly.