Expert Diesel Repair Service in Kingwood, Texas

Kingwood is known for its affluent neighborhoods, rapid growth, and friendly residents. Out of all the areas of greater Houston, Kingwood is the closest to our shop. We are the primary source for diesel repair service and maintenance in the Kingwood area, and we have hundreds of loyal and satisfied customers who live and work in the area. Kingwood is an older part of town but has not lost it’s prestige and attractiveness. Its situated on the San Jacinto River and is near Lake Houston, which provides a lot of attractions such as parks, pavilions, etc. kingwood also produces some of the best little league sports teams and school sport teams in the entire Houston area.

If you’re from Kingwood and you need a reliable diesel service look no further. We are ready to serve the people of Kingwood and provide you the highest level of expertise when it comes to servicing your Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins truck. Just ask your neighbors, we are the preferred diesel truck repair service of Kingwood.

Why Use STP Diesel for Your Diesel Repair Service in Kingwood

Experts in Diagnosing & Troubleshooting Diesel Trucks

What makes a real diesel truck expert is not only experience in repairs, but having a comprehensive and knowledgeable diagnostic process . We target the root causes of malfunctioning or faults. STP Diesel believes in providing an honest and straightforward service , and we know this rings true with the residents of Kingwood.

Knowledgeable, Expert Service

STP Diesel can fix anything and everything. Bring to us a Ford, Chevrolet or a Dodge, and we will repair it for you. We know powerstrokes, duramax and cummins engines and platforms inside and out!