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If you are looking into purchasing a lift kit, chances are, you want to enhance the performance and look of your truck. You can give your truck a customized look while preparing it for more dangerous roads and rocky hillsides without damaging your undercarriage. The right lift kits will help expand its clearance.

Operators of both off-road trucks and Jeeps tend to want them more prominent, often installing a suspension lift kit and larger tires for more ground clearance or to make their make and model look more dynamic.

Other times, truck owners are not satisfied with the factory rake, a term that defines how the back end of a truck manages to sit a little higher than the front of the truck.

Manufacturers deliberately compensate for hauling, but not everyone hauls regularly or hauls products with adequate weight to warrant the rake. In these occurrences, a leveling kit makes for an excellent resolution. Leveling kits provide a couple of ground clearance inches to level the truck’s front with its rear.

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Leveling Kit

levelling kit houston stpAn imbalance in your front end can cause many dilemmas for your diesel truck. Nosedives are a frequent concern for factory trucks. If you add weight to the front with aftermarket accessories, this can produce a more significant imbalance and stress your shocks, struts, and tires. Eventually, this may lead to their early failure.

An assortment of factors may cause truck imbalances. For instance, the weight of additional hardware from having a front bumper mount or heavy-duty winch installed may create an imbalance. Not only is this unevenness unsightly, but it can also pose challenges for your truck. An uneven truck can cause unpredictable handling and additional wear on your tires and suspension.

A level kit can take your front end a little higher to accommodate these accessories adequately. Leveling kits include coil springs, strut extensions, and torsion keys to straighten out your truck’s suspension.

Also, leveling kits add some extra space for bigger tires or wheels and enhance hauling performance.

Pros of Leveling kit:

  • Raise the front of the truck to the equivalent level as the rear.
  • Leveling kits can enhance the towing and hauling capabilities of your truck.
  • Leveling kits add additional space to allow for larger wheels and tires.