Oil Change Service in Houston, TX

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Although it frequently looks like a hassle, continually changing your oil is especially crucial to your truck’s life and engine. And because we depend on our truck daily, we must make sure we are doing everything possible to keep them sustained, preserved, and operating at a maximum level.

An oil change and filter replacement are among various preventative maintenance services that help improve maximum vehicle performance while prolonging your vehicle’s life.

oil change service

Oil is responsible for lubricating the working parts inside your vehicle’s engine while lessening friction within them. Because the engine produces a substantial amount of heat, the oil serves as a cooling agent as it flows through the engine.

Oil also absorbs other toxic particles formed during the combustion process and steers them to the oil filter, cleans out the debris and contaminants for clean, free-flowing oil. Collectively, the oil and oil filter maintain your vehicle’s engine functioning at optimal performance levels.

Oil Change Service in HoustonMost diesel truck engines should have their oil changed about 3,000 miles if you are using conventional oil and 5,000 to 6,000 miles if you are applying full synthetic oil.

Sometimes that period can be increased to as high as 10,000 miles if you are utilizing the absolute highest quality synthetic oil explicitly formulated for diesel engines. But those intervals will be cut back a thousand miles or so if you are running your truck vigorously each day.

That suggests if your truck is the most active worker on your job site, towing and hauling anything and everything you require it to, you will need to modify your service intervals and get oil changes a little more frequently.

Diesel engines are exceptionally reliable. However, they do require regular maintenance to stay in prime condition. You must manage your diesel engine’s oil and filters replaced at routine, scheduled intervals.

Because diesel engines do not have electrical ignition components such as plugs and wires, fewer components within the truck need to be maintained.

Still, it would be best to make sure that the routine maintenance that does need to be performed on your diesel truck is done by a shop that understands and is experienced in operating with diesel engines.

These include leaky gaskets, cooling system problems, overheating, air and oil filtration issues, fuel system restraints, dirty injectors, piston scoring, faulty injection timers, and hard starting be resolved by bringing your diesel vehicle to the trained and seasoned team at STP Diesel.