Diesel Truck Repair In Spring, Texas

Spring Texas has experienced a large burst in growth due to the continued expansion of 1960 and in many neighborhoods in the area. Spring is a heavily wooded part of greater Houston that has a multitude of attractions which make it perfect for families. If you live in spring and you are looking for a quality diesel repair service, then look no further. We are your local diesel repair shop but we are anything but ordinary. Our diagnostic methods and repair methods are quite possibly the best in Houston for diesel trucks.

We are constantly updating and refining our skills to provide you the best possible level of diesel repair and maintenance service. Our team of certified diesel mechanics will help you understand any issues that you are having with your truck, and keep your truck running longer and more reliably. If you live in spring and are looking for an honest, affordable, and highly skilled shop to take your truck to, you’ve found it.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Diesel Service Shops in Spring

Thorough Diagnosis of Your Trucks Issues

STP Diesel is known for uprooting the core cause of your truck’s problems. We don’t believe in providing cheap, quick fixes that only treat the symptoms. When you bring a malfunctioning truck, we get to the root of the problem and provide solutions that are focused on maintaining your truck for the long haul.

High-End Tools, Programming, & Methods

One of the best things about STP Diesel is its versatile services imparted through superior technology and systems. We have expertise in repairing Powerstrokes, Duramax and Cummins.

Special Discounts for Residents of Spring

We regularly offer seasonal and bundle discounts to the residents of Spring. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our customers –get in touch with our staff to know more about ongoing discounts and offers!