Truck Repair in Houston, TX

Your Local Diesel Engine Experts

At STP Diesel, we offer comprehensive expert truck repair services for major and minor truck issues. Our experienced team of diesel repair mechanics can handle everything from simple maintenance to major repairs.

It starts with our dedication to superior repair service, with certified technicians using the latest high-tech service tools to ensure that you continuously receive the most trustworthy and reliable service possible.

In the event there is a problem, we understand that customer satisfaction is key to our success. We work diligently to solve any issues our clients have.

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Trucks are our specialty, and we are here to get your heavy truck, semi, or box truck on the road again as fast as possible. Our ASE Certified Technicians can perform virtually any service required to keep your truck and fleet operations operating smoothly and efficiently.

The most dependable way to reduce more severe breakdowns and the more expensive costs associated with a truck repair is by performing routine maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is generally whatever your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends getting done to keep your truck going. Whether you have a diesel, light, or semi-truck, we implement the maintenance services to keep it operating.

Ford Power Stroke certified teamFrom Ford to Chevy and Dodge to GMC, scheduled maintenance requirements can differ between every manufacturer. STP Diesel recognizes these differences. All of our truck maintenance programs use a case-by-case approach guided by the manufacturer instead of an individual checklist applied to every truck. With us, you will have the proper maintenance you require.

If you own a truck in Houston, you understand how essential it is to find an expert mechanic for your scheduled maintenance. The crew at STP Diesel are real professionals, and we know just how your valuable truck demands to be treated. Our attentiveness to detail is unmatched. Our wealth of expertise means your preventive maintenance will be done in no time.

Our truck-schedule maintenance packages can be combined with a comprehensive check-up to ensure that all systems are performing correctly at the same time. We’ll inspect your brakes, run diagnostics, and examine everything from cabin air conditioning to engine power to have your truck at optimal performance and dependable as possible.

Suppose your truck is damaged in an accident or the engine starts encountering problems. In that case, you expect and deserve to have the repair work performed precisely without paying too much.

We invest in the most advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure the trucks we operate on are serviced accurately. We only use quality replacement parts to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our mechanics have the necessary training and the latest technology to diagnose and repair all Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and GMC medium-duty and light-duty trucks, including major engine repair, electrical work, suspension problem, transmission issue, or faulty fuel system.