Only The Best For Your Truck!

Here at STP Diesel we use Professional Diagnostic Equipment and special tools to diagnose and repair your Diesel Rig as best as possible. We believe in finding the root cause of failure we treat the root cause not just the symptom to prevent repeat repair. We are your one stop shop for Ford/Powerstroke Chevrolet/Duramax and dodge/Cummins.

If there is anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us. We’re always willing to help.

Our Owner

Ford Certified Technician and Diesel Expert Benito Diaz

10 years of Ford Dealership experience. During my time as a technician at Ford Dealerships, I learned and experienced a lot about building and maintaining customer relationships based on trust. I hold all of the trucks brought to STP Diesel close to my heart as if they were mine. I thrive for perfection and professionalism, so that our clientele can have the best experience.