Diesel Truck Repair In Houston, Texas

As Houston natives and a part of the community, our team at STP Diesel has a loyalty and dedication to this city unlike no other. We love our hometown and work to provide a quality Diesel Truck Service every single day to the People of Houston. While Houston has many regions, we all share a common respect and compassion to each other. The uniqueness of every different part of Houston is what brings us together. Our shop is located in North Houston, but we service customers who come from every part of Houston & Greater Houston. If you’re in the are and looking for a reliable and expert Diesel service, look no further.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Diesel Service Shops in Houston

Commitment To The Community & Local Values

The people of Houston demand quality. We use the same philosophy at STP Diesel. When you bring your vehicle for repair or maintenance, our focus is in finding the core reason for the issue. We don’t believe in quick fixes and symptom treatments –we get to the root of the problem.

Owned & Operated By a Diesel Expert And a Ford Certified Technician

Our owner Benito Diaz takes every single customer and truck seriously. At STP Diesel we treat your truck like its our own. We understand how much you need your truck, and how important the satisfaction of our customers is. Our perfect ratings and hundreds of satisfied customers on our Facebook, Yelp, and Google Pages are just a side effect of the reason we chose to get into business, to provide an exceptional and much needed diesel service to the people of Houston.

The Most Up-To-Date Diagnostic & Repair Methods & Tools

Whether you want to get your diesel rig repaired, or need maintenance parts for your Ford/powerstroke, Chevrolet/Duramax and Dodge/Cummins, we have it all. We are constantly learning and improving all aspects of our business, and you can rest assured that if there’s something that can’t be fixed or diagnosed by someone else, chances are we can get it done.